MOSEM² Lærerkurs

MOSEM² Teacher seminar in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Photo Libor Konicek, courtesy of the University of Ostrava

The MOSEM² Teacher Seminar follows up our Minds-On approach to teaching and learning physics, combining it with a focus on professional development for teachers.

We apply this learning philosophy, which can be described as “Hands-On with the brain connected to the hands”, to work on modelling phenomena, creating and modifying simulations in order to see directly the effects of varying different variables or parameters, and good old data acquisition using datalogging equipment or other methods.

We do not intend for the MOSEM² Teacher Seminar is not to cover all topics. Some of the time will be used for working with professional development in the EFQM framework, and certain example activities will be worked through in detail. This will enable seminar participants to follow up when they are back in their own schools.

Download the MOSEM² Teacher Seminar files (around 340 MB) and follow the instructions in the MOSEM² Teacher Guide in order to use the files as intended for the different parts of the MOSEM² Teacher Seminar.


The article was written on 2011-08-30, in the category Nedlasting.

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