MOSEM High-Tech Kit

MOSEM High-Tech Kits displayed by Tomasz Greczylo

The prototype “High-Tech Kit” developed in the MOSEM Project contains selected equipment and materials for performing a number of experiments with superconductivity and second-order phase changes. Both materials and experiments are described in further details in the MOSEM Teacher Guide, and the MOSEM Teacher Seminar goes into detail about how to use the experiments in Minds-On teaching and learning of superconductivity at the upper secondary school level.

Low-Tech Kit parts

The prototype kit weighs about 20 kg and consists of the following main parts:

  • Hard-case trolley with wheels, telescope handle, 5 locks and keys
  • Two foam trays with instruments, magnets and equipment
  • Box with small items, including superconductors

The prototype High-Tech Kit contains a total of 104 parts, and the list of contents in the MOSEM Teacher Guide identifies which experiment(s) each part is used for.

Contents of the MOSEM High-Tech Kit

MOSEM High-Tech Kit contents

Commercial versions

Based on the testing and evaluation of the prototype High-Tech Kit, three commercial versions have been developed. If you are interested in purchasing one or more of these experimental equipment kits, or wish to have a special version developed for you, please contact Simplicatus Research and Development.

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